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Astrological Consultations in Northwest Denver

Astrology is a science. It is also a spiritual art.

It reveals our personality patterns which allows us to gain greater control over our lives. Astrology provides insight into our self-chosen experiences for this Life. It is truly the "language of the Soul."

Astrology is also a tool for discovering the cycles and trends in our lives and how best to respond most effectively. Yes, Astrology is a predictive science. Remember the ancient quote, "to all things there is a time and a season."

Types of Consultations

Natal Chart

Often called the " Index " chart or the key chart. It is an in depth look into your personality patterns, strong points and weak points. Learn the three "Soul Lessons" you have chosen to master this Life. Gain deeper understanding of relationship, career, finances and health tendencies. And much more.

Progressed Chart

A predictive consultation that provides insight on the upcoming trends. Awareness of these trends helps to prepare you and offers direction into what you are seeking to gain or mitigate based on the Natal Chart. As the Master has said, "forewarned is forearmed." Covers a 9 month period.

Relationship Compatibility Chart

A consultation focused on helping you improve a relationship with a particular person in your Life. Comparing the two charts reveals the challenges and the strengths within the relationship. Using the individual charts approaches will be suggested to build a more harmonious interaction.

Relocation Chart

A consultation designed to plot compatible geographic areas in this country or abroad. This chart can be interpreted to emphasize personal or career success in a given location.

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Spiritual Life Counseling

Counseling available by phone or in person.

Compassionate, confidential, insightful support.

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